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Research Resources


Kid-friendly search engines:





Time For Kids

A database of non-fiction news articles with leveled text and a “read-to-me” option.


Pebble Go

Searchable database for beginning readers with carefully leveled text with visual and audio support. Includes subjects: Animals, Science, Biographies, Social Studies in English and Spanish. Dinosaurs in English.


Gale in Context

A searchable database for elementary students to explore interests, answer questions, and practice research skills.


Research Rocket

Digital research tool with global content for diverse perspectives


Worldbook Online


Other Resources:


Encyclopedia Britannica


Weather Wiz Kids

Fact Monster


For Website Evaluation:

Tutorial: Fake vs. Real Info

Websites to Evaluate:

  1. Dog Island
  2. Club Pet Resorts
  3. Beef Nutrition
  4. Ninja Burger
  5. Drop Bear
  6. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
  7. National Wildlife Foundation
  8. Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization


For Photos for School Use:


Photo Dictionary