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Research Resources


Kid-friendly search engines:





Time For Kids

A database of non-fiction news articles with leveled text and a “read-to-me” option.


Pebble Go

Searchable database for beginning readers with carefully leveled text with visual and audio support. Includes subjects: Animals, Science, Biographies, Social Studies in English and Spanish. Dinosaurs in English.


Gale in Context

A searchable database for elementary students to explore interests, answer questions, and practice research skills.


Research Rocket

Digital research tool with global content for diverse perspectives


Worldbook Online


Other Resources:


Encyclopedia Britannica


Weather Wiz Kids

Fact Monster


For Website Evaluation:

Tutorial: Fake vs. Real Info

Websites to Evaluate:

  1. Dog Island
  2. Club Pet Resorts
  3. Beef Nutrition
  4. Ninja Burger
  5. Drop Bear
  6. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
  7. National Wildlife Foundation
  8. Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc


For Photos for School Use:


Photo Dictionary